The Savile Row Bespoke Tailor of Sydney

Established 1983

Bijan's Biography

Bijan began his tailoring career at the age of thirteen in Iran. He was taught the craft of handmade tailoring in the bespoke tradition. By the time he was seventeen, he acquired the title of master jacket maker. At 21, Bijan was acknowledged as a master tailor and was considered one of the finest bespoke tailors in Iran. His continual strive for perfection led him to Savile Row. It was at H. Huntsman and Sons, considered by many to be the finest bespoke tailors in Savile Row, that Bijan honed his craft and continued to evolve his art of tailoring. To Bijan, bespoke tailoring is not just a craft, but an art. He considers himself to be an artist whose medium is clothing the human form.


Generic dressing is for the masses.
Bespoke is for the individual.
What’s bespoke we hear you ask?

First, let’s define what bespoke isn’t. Many believe made-to-measure is bespoke. It is not. Made-to-measure is simply altering a standard pattern to fit you. Some tailors refer to this as a 'stock special'. It’s not much better than of the-rack. Top of the range off the rack covers you expensively, but it doesn’t cover you exclusively.
Whether it be a suit or a shirt, Bespoke is custom made for you. A totally unique pattern is created for you, and you alone. Bijan will study the way you walk, the way you sit and how you stand. His decades of knowledge and Savile Row training will translate these observations into a pattern.
Bijan’s aim is to enhance your positive attributes and hide the negative ones. Bespoke makes you feel good and distances you from the masses. It is easy to see why bespoke clothing inspires envy.

Bijan Academy

Bijan taught bespoke tailoring at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) for 5 years. Bespoke was a one semester elective for the Bachelor of Fashion design course. Bijan’s desire to keep alive this dying art form lead him to pass on his knowledge of bespoke tailoring.
It is Bijan’s desire to teach again after his retirement, so until then, please check the website for further notice.