Bespoke Suit

The Bespoke Suit – Exclusively You

A bespoke suit is very special indeed. Its complexity normally requires at least 15 specialised tailors who solely craft the different stages that make up a bespoke suit. Bijan is a master tailor who creates an entire bespoke suit from beginning to end. Bijan’s belief that his craft is also an art form leads him to offer you only a bespoke service. Nothing less.

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Bijan’s Philosophy on Bespoke Suits

Bijan leans toward the softer made, Italian style suit. This style reduces the weight of the suit generally favoured by the English, but it still maintains the slick line and crispness of a Savile Row suit.
Bijan aims to create a fitted, yet soft armour that moulds to your body and thus becomes part of your personality He does this by flattering your good points and disguising your faults while still maintaining a strict from. Your conversations and input with him will ensure your suit is a true reflection of you.
Bijan’s other ethos is ultimate luxury. He sources and uses the finest fabrics. 70% of a bespoke suit is hand made taking 70 hours to craft. This time is necessary to ensure an immaculate fit and a pristine cut. The result is beautiful comfort and longevity.

The Ceremony of Buying a Bespoke Suit

Bespoke is a very personal experience and establishing a relationship with Bijan from the very outset is important. At the initial interview inform Bijan as much as possible about yourself and lifestyle. This can greatly affect your decision in the type of suit being made. So don’t be afraid to ask for advice on your body shape, style, cut, fabric choice and colour of suit.

The First Fitting

Within 3 weeks after the first measurement were taken you’ll be invite back for your first fitting. Your chosen fabric, pattern and measurement will have been made up to a “first baste stage”. The garment will then be pinned and marked up on your body.

The Second Fitting

Within another 2 weeks you will be contacted for another fitting. During the intervening period your suit will be taken apart, laid flat and pattern adjusted according to your previous fitting. The components and then remade in what is called the “forward-baste stage”.

The Third Fitting

Sometimes a third fitting is required to ensure the suit fits perfectly to adjust for some imperfections on your body. This is done before the button holes, final stiches and pressing is completed.

The Finished Suit

Your garment will have been remarked and pattern adjusted. You will be fitted again to see if any final changes are required. Your suit will then be pressed and be ready to be picked up within another week.

Bespoke Shirt

The Bespoke Shirt – Comfort Plus

While the length of sleeve and fit of the collar is of extreme importance to the comfort of a shirt, it is not the be and end all of it. The body of the shirt, if not cut to your individual shape cannot possibly offer ultimate comfort. And a collar’s comfort has as much to do with the way it sits on your neck as its size matching yours.

Bijan offers many of the world’s finest fabrics, many exclusive to him in Australia.

Some people believe the bespoke shirt is one luxury too far. Others who wear them know better. The comfort of a shirt created exclusively for you is a great stress reducer. On that basis alone it is essential to the overworked businessman.

Bijan offers a variety of collar, cuff and pocket styles, your personalised monogram and a choice of cut and hand stitching.

Naturally he offers collar and cuff replacement to add to the life of your Bijan Bespoke Shirt.